Coal Black

Subtly embodying modernity and minimalism


80cm Four Zone Venting Induction Hob

NEW Double Horizone hob with central extraction. Horizone allows the user to cook on 2 single zones or one large zone. Allowing the user to place larger than normal pots on the hob.


Built In 60cm Combination Steam Pyro Single Oven Coal Black

Combisteamer cooking mode with steam-assisted cooking mode. Meat and fish cooking are crispy outside and moist inside. Perfectly suited for bread, Brioche, cakes, etc.


DX3 Multifunction Pyro Single Oven Coal Black

In chef mode, the oven will manage all cooking parameters. (temperature - cooking mode and time). The dish just needs to be placed at the rack height recommended on the display, and it will be cooked to perfection.