Combi Steam Oven


Built In 45cm Compact 100% Steam oven

Designed to sit beside microwave ovens and the Multifunction Plus from the 45 Collection in perfect harmony, which is unique, gentle, healthy, and delicate, preserving the vitamins, flavour, consistency, and colour of your food.


Built In 45cm Multifunction Pyrolytic 100% Steam Oven Absolute Black

With "Twist. Click. Cook." Technology that enables anyone to emulate the precision and control of a professional chef.


Built In 45cm Multifunction Pyrolytic 100% Steam Oven Platinum

This ‘3 in 1’ Pyrolytic oven is the jewel of Collection 45, and a veritable treasure trove of the various new functionalities offered by the brand, giving you the choice between Multifunction Plus and combination steam cooking.


Built In 60cm Combination Steam Pyro Single Oven Coal Black

Combisteamer cooking mode with steam-assisted cooking mode. Meat and fish cooking are crispy outside and moist inside. Perfectly suited for bread, Brioche, cakes, etc.