Platinum Line

Avant-Garde By Tradition.


100cm Ceiling Hood

Operated by remote control, not only does this ceiling hood illuminate your culinary creations, but also responds quickly and effortlessly to your instructions.


30cm Domino Induction Hob

The domino hob can be used with a combination of other hobs or left to stand alone. The two zones are supported by some of the top cooking, programming and safety features around.


38cm Domino Horizone Induction Hob

Use HoriZone Play to create your very finest culinary works. This hob is an exquisite technological showcase of the pure innovation and creativity provided by De Dietrich.


45cm Combi Microwave Oven Platinum

When time is of the essence in creating, making, or adjusting your recipes, there’s nothing quite like the Multifunction Combined Microwave. It defrosts in record time, reheats, and roasts.


60cm 4 Burner Gas Hob

With a prized stainless steel surface that immediately captivates the eye, this gas hob provides a stellar level of excellence that allows you to explore the art of cooking.


60cm Pyramid Slim Hood

This 60cm hood can work twice as hard during intense cooking thanks to the Boost function, which allows you to reach maximum extraction power right away.


65cm HoriZone Induction Hob with Profile

HoriZone play is a concept invented by De Dietrich to give people the pleasure of experiencing the range of flavours that can be achieved with induction, grill and plancha cooking.


65cm HoriZone Induction Hob with Profile

This innovative design has both a double HoriZone induction hob and unique "PerfectSensor" temperature probe for precision cooking.


80cm 4 Zone Induction Hob with Profile

The configuration of this hob's 4 zones, elegantly positioned across the glass surface, has been specifically designed to provide you with the flexibility you need.


80cm HoriZone Induction Hob with Profile

Our latest De Dietrich induction hob is equipped with a Sensor Probe that allows precision temperature control of your dish via bluetooth connection with the main control panel.


90cm Decorative Box Hood

This hood has been designed to simplify the installation process. Attach the motor element to the wall, slide the lower part of the hood onto the rails & add the chimney!


90cm Pyramid Slim Hood

This 90cm hood can work twice as hard during intense cooking thanks to the Boost function, which allows you to reach maximum extraction power right away.


90cm Telescopic Hood

Perfectly positioned under a wall unit, this hood is equipped with 2 lamps which provide light that is simultaneously natural and powerful, giving you excellent visibility.


93cm HoriZone Induction Hob with Profile

With this HoriZone Play hob, the HoriZone and the three additional zones reach optimum levels of heat and power providing the user with ultimate cooking flexibility.


93cm HoriZone Induction Hob with Profile

This innovative design, accompanied by a chopping board and two optional cooking accessories, allows you to use various different cooking methods with unrivalled modularity.


Built In 45cm Compact 100% Steam oven

Designed to sit beside microwave ovens and the Multifunction Plus from the 45 Collection in perfect harmony, which is unique, gentle, healthy, and delicate, preserving the vitamins, flavour, consistency, and colour of your food.


Built In 45cm Compact Coffee Machine

This integrated Espresso coffee machine matches the design of both the Platinum and Absolute Black Collection. It is equipped with cappuccino and macchiato functions.


Built In 45cm Multifunction Pyrolytic 100% Steam Oven Platinum

This ‘3 in 1’ Pyrolytic oven is the jewel of Collection 45, and a veritable treasure trove of the various new functionalities offered by the brand, giving you the choice between Multifunction Plus and combination steam cooking.


Built In Multifunction Oven with Pyrolytic

This oven offers you the Low Temperature Cooking mode, the gentle, even and consistent method of cooking used by the top chefs.


Built In Multifunction Oven with Pyrolytic Platinum

As the real expert, you program in the settings for each separate cooking mode and control them from an incredibly precise LED screen. The Dietrich name is synonymous with accomplishing great cooking.


Built In Multifunction Oven with Pyrolytic Platinum

Let the wonderful smells of baking fill your home with this integrated oven from De Dietrich. It has a large 73-liter capacity and is multifunctional, giving you lots of different settings to play with.